Month: September 2020

Cryptocurrency: Regulating The Unregulated

Is regulation good for the overall health of the cryptocurrency market? (September 25,2020) – Decentralized cryptocurrencies existed long enough to prove itself competitive against the mighty centralized fiat. Its unregulated nature frees it from any manipulation and control from any central authority and enjoys a rather independent navigation of the market it has created for

Blockchain Security: Boost or Bust

The issue of trust is derailing the mass adoption of blockchain technology. With promising features of speed, security, and open-sourced ledgering system allowing for peer-to-peer transactions, a host of industries acquired blockchain’s digital mechanism to blend with the nature of a variety of businesses with its capacity to store, process, and transfer big data and

Blockchain Use-Case: Insurance

Disruptive solutions can turn the most conservative industry upside down to its massive benefit Insurance is one of the most conservative, highly centralized, and walled legacy industries that are about to be disrupted by blockchain technology if it allows itself to be. The only hindrance is fear. With the prevailing air of distrust among clients

5 Massive Industries That Crypto/Blockchain Can Transform

A change we cannot even see, but it is there far too disruptive not to be felt. The only constant in the world is change. And the modern epitomes of change today sprung up to be the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Still in nascent stages, as they were just invented 11 years ago, but their