Month: October 2020


As in the Wild West, a crypto exchange that is quick and fast to the draw can hope to stay alive a little longer (October 30, 2020) – Liquidity can spell the difference between the success and failure of a cryptocurrency exchange. Liquidity means that a trader can easily buy or sell assets on the

Proof Of Work VS. Proof Of Stake

The argument never ends Proof of Work and Proof of Stake are both requirement models called consensus mechanisms that confirm every transaction that takes place on a blockchain without any intermediaries needed. Well-known blockchains have adopted either of them that allows people to earn extra cryptocurrency by becoming miners. We just have to understand each

What Is A Mainnet?

One of two major features to look for before investing in a blockchain project Mainnet is the central blockchain network of a final project for it to realize its claims on its whitepaper. Mainnet is the full development of a blockchain protocol where cryptocurrency transactions are launched, broadcasted, verified, and recorded on a DLT, that

What Are ERC-20 Tokens?

The language standard that made Ethereum the most popular ICO platform ERC20 is Ethereum’s technical token standard used for smart contracts within the whole Ethereum blockchain ecosystem. It provides a set of rules that every developer has to implement for their tokens to be bought, sold, or traded within the Ethereum ecosystem. ERC-20 designed tokens,

The Idea Behind Cryptocurrency Airdrops

Is there something more beyond merely a promotional tool? (October 02, 2020) – Every type of business applies certain kinds of promotional advertisements to get noticed in the market. The cryptocurrency industry also employs marketing tactics, and one of them is the airdrop. An airdrop is a process of sending of free tokens or coins