Month: December 2020

Is There An Index Fund For The Cryptocurrency Market?

Some pointers before investing in such The cryptocurrency industry is so promising that it has become so attractive not only to crypto believers but lately also to institutional investors. And even those who do not understand yet the nature and characteristics of the cryptocurrency market would also like to engage in it. Now, there is

What is Wash Trading In Crypto?

How not to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs Most cryptocurrency exchanges today are competing for ranking based on trading volumes. The higher the ranking, the more attractive they look to investors, traders, and users. With over 300 to 800 cryptocurrency exchanges operating, they sure would be jockeying for positions to gain a

Got Game?

Blockchain and the gaming industry The immense power of blockchain technology to disrupt present status quos in the financial and economic landscapes is again on the verge of proving another use case this time in the world of gaming. Blockchain is about to transform the industry by decentralizing the console market, multiverse creation possibilities, more

What Is Digital Identity In Crypto?

Digital times call for digital measures Our identity is proof of our existence to be able to integrate ourselves into the normal functions of society and economy. It is our identity that makes us acquire ownership and claims to valuables, properties, things, and a lot of other intangibles such as the ability to transact with