Month: February 2021

Where AI’s Are Flexing Their Muscles

Artificial Intelligence is making the rounds in finance Inventions and innovations are meant to make life easier for us. In technology, a real game-changer has come to the fore to amaze us all with its ability to scrutinize billions of data points, look for trends and patterns, and predict future patterns beyond man’s comprehension. It

Collateralized Debt Position (CDP)

Using the funds while keeping the collaterals The age of blockchain technology allowed developers to produce various financial instruments that were once reserved only for the wealthy. Now almost anyone with a laptop or mobile phone can readily access any accommodating platform to start rolling their funds into something worthy and profitable. The CDP Once

Of Crypto Forkings and Chain Splits

A division that the cryptosphere is better off without Each human mind has its own way of thinking and looking at things. Those like-minded are likely to come together and join forces to achieve a common goal. The soul of decentralization is exactly what we are talking about – consensus – when the majority of

Centralized Ledgers and Distributed Ledgers

Spotting the difference History is preserved based on oral and written traditions. Without it, there is no way we can accurately remember what happened in the past, how it connects to the present, and how it will affect the future. In the field of economics, the mind is so finite that it cannot in any