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What Is Absolute Advantage?

Does it exist in crypto? The race in progress involves a lot of participation from all sectors and industries. While some may be neck-and-neck in the production of goods and services, others have an unfair and absolute advantage over other producers and competitors. What is Absolute Advantage? Absolute Advantage means that an individual, entity, or

Volatility In The Cryptocurrency Space

Friend or foe? The world of cryptocurrencies is widely known for its volatility. Wild market swings are so unpredictable that many consider this new asset class as a very risky endeavor to store one’s wealth as it is full of uncertainties and doubts. Prices are highly speculative and can change in an instant and, therefore,

What Is Spread In Crypto Trading?

Another way of effectively reading the market Due to the unpredictability of the crypto market, newbies in crypto trading more often than not are locked in FOMOs and FUDs, revenge, and impulsive trading that can hurt their chances of making it big in the league. One significant thing that must be learned is the ability

What Is A Collateralized Debt Position?

Get smart for a CDP headstart The world of cryptocurrencies is shown to be flexible enough for fintechs and DeFis to design numerous ways of servicing the multitude to easily access financial markets. Where the limits of traditional banking rest in rigid and obsolete structures, blockchains and smart contracts allow for digital financial designs that

Cloud Mining

Pros and cons Cryptocurrency mining, as in Bitcoin, is an integral part of securing the integrity of a distributed ledger on a blockchain. It is also a way of minting new coins to be awarded to miners who can solve a complex mathematical puzzle before verifying transactions that can be included in a block. Miners

What Are Centralized Exchanges in Crypto?

First in the market before DEXs The cryptocurrency industry has grown rapidly to leaps and bounds that as of the latest, there are currently 310 active cryptocurrency exchanges listed by Coinmarketcap. The global crypto market capitalization is $1.78 trillion, while the total crypto market volume over the last 24 hours $267.33 billion. The total volume

Hyperledger Fabric

A suitable industrial blockchain solution Hyperledger Fabric is a permissioned, open-source blockchain framework first implemented by the Linux Foundation in 2015. It is a standard modular, general-purpose framework for enterprise blockchain platforms offering unique identity management and access control features, making it suitable for various enterprise-grade applications and industrial solutions such as the tracking and

Digital Identity (A.K.A. Self-Sovereign Identity)

When the user rules over its own identity The Age of Information overloaded us with an infinity of access on almost anything we want to know about to help us decide on matters that concern our life, our living, and our lifestyles. The dawning of the Internet made this accessibility possible with a few clicks

Proof Of Work

A consensus mechanism that prevents double-spends In any centralized mechanism, a control tower of administration to keep the system running accordingly is imperative, the central authority that keeps hold of authentic documents. Blockchains that operate under a decentralized and self-regulating system do not have that luxury but instead involve the agreeing participation of thousands upon

Fault-tolerant Agreement Algorithms Preserving Blockchain Projects

The unprecedented, decentralized operation of public blockchain systems in the digital space depends much on the participation of thousands upon thousands of anonymous nodes or computers around the world. In the name of order in verifying and authenticating countless transactions between parties, a specific consensus mechanism is employed to guarantee that all participating nodes are