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What Is A Mainnet?

One of two major features to look for before investing in a blockchain project Mainnet is the central blockchain network of a final project for it to realize its claims on its whitepaper. Mainnet is the full development of a blockchain protocol where cryptocurrency transactions are launched, broadcasted, verified, and recorded on a DLT, that

What Are ERC-20 Tokens?

The language standard that made Ethereum the most popular ICO platform ERC20 is Ethereum’s technical token standard used for smart contracts within the whole Ethereum blockchain ecosystem. It provides a set of rules that every developer has to implement for their tokens to be bought, sold, or traded within the Ethereum ecosystem. ERC-20 designed tokens,

The Idea Behind Cryptocurrency Airdrops

Is there something more beyond merely a promotional tool? (October 02, 2020) – Every type of business applies certain kinds of promotional advertisements to get noticed in the market. The cryptocurrency industry also employs marketing tactics, and one of them is the airdrop. An airdrop is a process of sending of free tokens or coins

Cryptocurrency: Regulating The Unregulated

Is regulation good for the overall health of the cryptocurrency market? (September 25,2020) – Decentralized cryptocurrencies existed long enough to prove itself competitive against the mighty centralized fiat. Its unregulated nature frees it from any manipulation and control from any central authority and enjoys a rather independent navigation of the market it has created for

Blockchain Security: Boost or Bust

The issue of trust is derailing the mass adoption of blockchain technology. With promising features of speed, security, and open-sourced ledgering system allowing for peer-to-peer transactions, a host of industries acquired blockchain’s digital mechanism to blend with the nature of a variety of businesses with its capacity to store, process, and transfer big data and

Blockchain Use-Case: Insurance

Disruptive solutions can turn the most conservative industry upside down to its massive benefit Insurance is one of the most conservative, highly centralized, and walled legacy industries that are about to be disrupted by blockchain technology if it allows itself to be. The only hindrance is fear. With the prevailing air of distrust among clients

5 Massive Industries That Crypto/Blockchain Can Transform

A change we cannot even see, but it is there far too disruptive not to be felt. The only constant in the world is change. And the modern epitomes of change today sprung up to be the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Still in nascent stages, as they were just invented 11 years ago, but their

Can Decentralization (Finally) Pull The Strings?

Centralized models are dominating the exchange market in the trading of decentralized assets, but with serious drawbacks. DEXs are stepping in. (August 28, 2020) – The two most talked-about business models today are the centralized model and the decentralized model. The two continue to be prominent themes of discussion and application, especially in the financial

What are IBANs?

and their difference with the SWIFT Code and the BIC (August 22, 2020) – Millions, billions, and trillions of money exchange hands everyday between countries through bank transfers. It is but imperative that standard methods should be adopted and recognized internationally to facilitate the smooth flow of money in the international financial market. Two standards

Crypto Custody Services Are Booming.

And it has the biggest room in the world: The room for improvement. (August 14, 2020) – This 2020, as have been predicted by many, there was a noticeable growth in institutional investment into the cryptocurrency market. One attribute may be the fact that the coronavirus pandemic has already crippled many national economies, others to